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Case studies

Junior Blind

Challenge: Following the retirement of both a longtime CEO and a senior development staff member several years ago, Junior Blind sought our assistance to support continuity and growth.

How Thurlow/Associates made a lasting impact: Thurlow/Associates analyzed Junior Blind’s fund development history and developed a plan to sustain and grow funding outreach during the transition period. With an emphasis on strong stewardship, we worked with internal staff to ensure that deadlines were met, that existing donors remained informed, and that new prospects were identified and appropriately solicited. In collaboration with internal staff, we also enhanced fund development tracking mechanisms — meeting an immediate need, and laying a strong foundation for the work of new team members as they were retained.

Thurlow/Associates’ role at Junior Blind has since evolved beyond initial bridge support. Over eight years, we have provided a variety of impactful organization and fund development services. From monitoring and identifying public funding streams to facilitating an agency-wide visioning and rebranding process, and from preparing significant funding requests to orienting board members regarding the post-2008 funding environment, we are proud to support this important organization’s success.

Huntington Memorial Hospital

Challenge: Prior to the commencement of a significant, multi-year fundraising campaign, Huntington Hospital was challenged in communicating the scope of its proposed project to potential donors, powerfully and succinctly.

How Thurlow/Associates made a lasting impact: Thurlow/Associates rapidly provided effective case materials, which were used throughout the course of the subsequent campaign. Since then, and for more than 20 years, we have continued to work closely with the hospital's philanthropy, marketing, public relations and other senior staff on a broad range of fund development and communications projects. This has included ongoing strategic support in the development and implementation of major fundraising campaigns, as well as solicitation of numerous multimillion-dollar grants and gifts, preparation of marketing materials, assistance with planned gift marketing, and more.

Whether helping to implement a major campaign, steward donor relationships, or prepare copy for a simple brochure, we focus unwaveringly on excellence to help this long-term client achieve the best results.


work has been
instrumental not only
in meeting
UMMA’s immediate
funding goals,
but in setting the stage
for long-term
fundraising success

— building the kind of
long-term relationships
that are essential
to sustainability.

Yasser Aman
Founding President
and Chief Executive Officer
UMMA Community Clinic