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Training and tools

Thurlow/Associates' team of experts — led by principal Victoria Thurlow — regularly provides training and continuing education for other professionals in the fields of fund development, finance, organization leadership and more. Trainings cover a range of topics, including Thurlow/Associates' own trademarked tools and processes.

Funding Forecaster™

By allowing clients to review and extrapolate from past performance, this tool supports planning for future fundraising success, and allows clients to identify related workflow and staffing needs.

Institutional Relationship Management Engine™

Thurlow/Associates has developed the Institutional Relationship Management Engine™ to improve tracking and prioritization of institutional prospects, outreach activities, and next steps. This powerful tool also helps measure an organization's potential to reach institutional funding goal/s, and provides development professionals and other institutional leaders with an at-a-glance analysis of progress toward those goals.

Strategic Stewardship™

Using a trademarked tool — the Individual Donor Engagement Engine™ — we help fund development programs of all sizes to implement and sustain individual/major gifts programs. Our Individual Donor Engagement Engine uses carefully selected donor-characteristic criteria to prioritize efforts and guide Strategic Stewardship™ — for maximum impact.

Functional Budgeting for Fundraising™

Using a trademarked tool — the Functional Fundraising Budget™ — we help clients:

  • Allocate administrative and development costs appropriately.
  • Identify funding gaps by program/activity and spotlight areas of greatest funding need.
  • Ensure that fundraising for programs also helps cover overhead costs.
  • Prioritize funding needs so outreach is more focused and cost-effective.
  • Maximize the potential to successfully pursue larger grant requests.

Aspirational Budgeting™

Our innovative Aspirational Budgeting process provides nonprofit organizations with a board-approved budget that differentiates ongoing, essential expenses from over-and-above items that (while mission-advancing) are contingent upon expanded funding. The Aspirational Budget, when approved by the board of directors, supports broader funding outreach while ensuring that existing needs remain prioritized.

Budget-Driven Program Design™

Using the budget as a key planning tool, this process provides a roadmap for effective program design. Engaging in Budget-driven Program Design can also be useful in evaluating the potential cost-effectiveness of applying for various public funding streams. The process itself helps build stronger collaboration among the fund development, finance and program teams.


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