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What we do

Thurlow/Associates' considerable strategic expertise in the areas of fund development and organizational development is matched by a high level of skill in implementation, helping to maximize results. Strategic counsel guides clients in developing the best approach to meet their needs. An extensive array of hands-on assistance helps clients implement the best approach to meet those needs.

Lasting impact.

Great things happen at the
intersection of smart thinking and skilled doing.

Throughout, our work is designed to build on clients' unique strengths and address their individual circumstances — and as clients work to further strengthen internal capacity, we provide the capacity they need right now to expedite results.

We help nonprofits of all sizes assess where they are now

Using a variety of tools, Thurlow/Associates helps client organizations evaluate their strengths and challenges in core-competency areas including leadership, management and fund development. At any stage of an organization's life cycle, assessment findings provide a strong foundation for continuous quality improvement.

We help clients develop a roadmap to success

Thurlow/Associates provides high-level strategic counsel to client board members and executive leaders — helping them develop short- and long-term goals that build on existing strengths and respond to identified challenges. By developing meaningful, actionable plans, we support organizational progress and promote sustainability.

We provide hands-on expertise

Thurlow/Associates' team of experienced professionals fosters strong and meaningful relationships with nonprofit clients. Drawing on our depth of knowledge, our services evolve over time, in keeping with each client's emerging needs.

We take a tactical, all-hands-on-deck approach to meet client needs

In addition to strategic planning and counsel — and even as planning takes place — we are adept at rolling up our sleeves to tackle detail-oriented projects, both large and small.

We build client competencies to support long-term, mission-driven success

Thurlow/Associates provides client staff with training and support in all aspects of fund development and organizational development. We help clients develop the skills, tools, and materials needed to support long-term success.